Deep Instinct’s Candidate Privacy Policy

Last updated: July 2023

  1. Introduction.

    This privacy notice (the “Notice” or “Privacy Notice”) describes the ways that Deep Instinct recruits its candidates (“You”, “Your”, or “Candidate”) for an open job position within Deep Instinct (“Company”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”). We work with data processors to whom we have instructed to collect, store and process personal information on Our behalf for the purposes of recruiting You for an open job position within the Company (the “Intended Purpose” or “Candidacy”). This Notice is provided only for transparency purposes. Deep Instinct has its Own Privacy Policy explaining Our own specific privacy practices relating to our business and processing of personal information (“Deep Instinct Privacy Policy”). If you have additional concerns or questions relating to Our processing of personal information in a broader scope, please reference Deep Instinct’s Privacy Policy that is published to Our website.

  2. Personal Data Processed.

    Personal Data that We process for the sole purpose of reviewing and evaluating You for Candidacy is as follows (and thereafter collectively defined as “Personal Data”):

    1. Your contact information, such as: name, address (i.e., e-mail, and physical address), phone number, Curriculum Vitae (or resumé), LinkedIn information and other online profiles (voluntarily provided by You, and with Your consent), and general professional qualifications and credentials;

    2. Your job Candidacy information, such as: the open job position, and/or application for the position within the Company, Candidacy source contacts (i.e., recruiting agency, referrals, etc.), email correspondences (i.e., recruiting agency and referrals etc.), and any other information from relevant employment references;

    3. Your submission information, such as: Candidacy evaluations, internal Company discussions regarding Your Candidacy, Candidacy materials (i.e., evaluators or background check providers, etc.), Candidacy lifecycle event history (i.e., Your responses to questionnaires sent to You by Us) general Candidacy information and employment options (i.e., hiring availability and salary expectations).

      Our legal basis for processing Your Personal Data:

      1. the Company obtains Your consent to process such Person Data for the Intended Purpose; and

      2. we have a legitimate interest, and legal obligation to fulfill the Intended Purpose by assessing and reviewing your credentials to ensure You are a qualified Candidate for the applicable job position within the Company.

    Please note: If you submit Your Candidacy via email or to the extent applicable, via any other internet application process, then You are the sole source of Your own Personal Data. Your Personal Data can also originate from other sources, such as LinkedIn, recruitment agencies, headhunters, referrals, etc. (“Third-Parties” or “Third-Party Services”). We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any Third-Party Services. Please be aware that the Third-Party Services may collect personal information or Personal Data from You. You are knowingly and voluntarily assuming all risks of using any Third-Party Services. You acknowledge that We shall have no liability whatsoever with respect to such Third-Party Services and Your usage of them.

  3. Who Will Process Your Data.

    To properly evaluate You as a Candidate for a position with Deep Instinct, certain procedures and processes throughout the recruitment and evaluation phase may require storage, disclosure, and sharing of your Personal Data with additional parties only to the extent required for the Intended Purpose. We may disclose Your Personal Data to the following parties:

    1. Our affiliated companies;

    2. Any (sub)contractors and/or service providers that We engage with to process and store Personal Data regarding our recruitment process such as: (1) cloud computing companies or SaaS platforms; (2) providers of other IT or maintenance related services; (3) marketing affiliates and recruiting agencies; (4) providers of analytics and measurement services; (5) online advertising and direct marketing providers; and/or (6) auditors, contractors or legal/financial/other advisers of any of our business processes;

    3. Any third parties who investigate, detect, or prevent fraudulent or illegal activity or enable Us to enforce our policies (i.e., governmental authorities, law enforcement bodies, and other investigatory bodies), all in accordance with applicable laws and regulations; and

    4. To the extent applicable, if You reside in a jurisdiction or state that requires certain disclosures: We have disclosed and/or shared the following categories of personal information in the past 12 months: Internet or other electronic network activity information (i.e., information regarding visitors to our Company website and potential customers that We use for business development purposes).

  4. Security and Retention.

    The Company will not retain Personal Data for longer than is necessary to fulfill the Intended Purpose. All of Your Personal Data collected through the Platform will be deleted subject to Your request (as provided), and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, unless required for a valid legal and legitimate interest, or compliance with our obligations. All Personal Data retained and processed are in accordance with Our Information and Security Policies. Our Information and Security Policies govern Our security measures implemented to appropriately safeguard against the unauthorized access to, or use of, Your Personal Data, all in accordance with applicable law.

  5. Data Transfer.

    Your Personal Data connected with Our use of this Platform may be hosted in either the European Economic Area (“EEA”), the US, or other countries deemed as providing an adequate level of data protection (including, but not limited to, Israel). Your Personal Data will be accessible in the country where We, or Our service providers, are located such as the U.K., the EEA, or the U.S., and other countries deemed as providing an adequate level of data protection (including, but not limited to, Israel). Please see Deep Instinct’s Privacy Policy for more information regarding Data Transfers.

  6. Your Rights.

    Depending on the applicable jurisdiction or applicable law, Your rights may vary. Additionally, these rights may not be available to You depending on the specific state or jurisdiction, and these rights may be subject to restrictions or additional limitations depending on the applicable state or jurisdiction. Subject to the foregoing, You may have the following rights available to You:

    1. You may request that You receive a copy of Your Personal Data that is stored on Our servers, including this Platform;

    2. You may have the right to update, correct, and/or delete Your Personal Data;

    3. You may have the right to request to restrict specific Personal Data and/or object to the processing of Personal Data;

    4. If we rely on Your consent to Process You Personal Data, please note that you may have the right to withdraw Your Consent at any time; and/or

    5. You may lodge a complaint with the applicable supervisory authority.

    If these rights are available to You within Your applicable state and/or jurisdiction, then you may exercise these rights and We will handle these requests in accordance with applicable laws. Please note: exercising these rights may present consequences to Your status as a job Candidate with Our Company. Additionally, please also note that these rights are not absolute, and We may not, in all cases, be able to fulfill requests (i.e., if Our own legitimate interest and regulatory requirements require Us to retain certain personal information or Personal Data).

  7. Children’s Information.

    We do not knowingly collect or solicit information from individuals under 16 years of age. If We later obtain actual knowledge that an individual is under 16 years of age, We will take steps to remove that Information from Our systems.

  8. Changes to this Privacy Notice.

    Deep Instinct reserves the right to make changes to this Notice from time to time and You should revisit this Notice periodically to review these updates and changes.

  9. Contact Information.

    You may send requests, and/or questions or queries by contacting Us. If such requests concern our Data Protection Officer (or “DPO”), we will forward accordingly.